L/A Junior Bassmasters

L/A Junior Bassmasters...hooking you one bass at a time!

L/A Junior Bassmasters


2020 Season

Charlie Sawyer will Coordinate the upcoming 2020 season. Charile has some exciting ideas to make this another great season for our yourh. All of you should have recieved an email from John about us moving forard with Charlie at the helm which included hs contact info.Charlie will be in touch with you as we near the start of the season. If you do not get an email please reach out to him to make sure you are on his email list.

L/A Junior Bassmasters

In 2020 the L/A Junior Bassmasters will be for those in grades 2-8, this continues to be the same.

MEBASS High School

In 2020 the high school teams will fall under the state organization, Maine B.A.S.S. Nation, you will still be called "MEBASS High School Club". This iwill run a little different than last season. Dave Trask with the assistance of all the Maine adult clubs with the assistance from Charlie Sawyer will manage this group. The high school anglers should consider starting there own club within their high school, you only need 2 members to get started and Dave Trask can help you get that going.

Junior, High School, College State Championship

The State Championship will be Sept 27, 2020 on Pleasant Pond out of the Gardiner Sportsmans Club in Litchfield.

Kayak Tournaments

Another exciting opportunity for those anglers that 16 or older is the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series. If you have a kayak or canoe and you meet the qualifications you can fish these events. For more on this contact John or Brian Volkernick.

Gavin White and Brandon Smith 2019 Junior Bassmaster State Champions


The top 2 teams advance to the Basmaster Regional/National Championship in 2020.

Pos Club Name Boat Captain Angler 1 Angler 2 # Fish Big LM Weight
1 L/A Junior Bassmasters Brenden Wood Gavin White Brandon Smith 5 2.85 9.38
2 L/A Junior Bassmasters Charlie Sawyer Cassidy Sawyer Vaughn McKay 5 2.68 9.33
3 L/A Junior Bassmasters Troy Garrison Owen Vincecruz Luke Johnson 5 3.70 8.22
4 L/A Junior Bassmasters Justin Paradis Jake Paradis Nolan Savage 4 2.76 7.78
5 L/A Junior Bassmasters Tim Spry Colby Spry Blake Spry 5   6.09
6 L/A Junior Bassmasters John Volkernick Lily Belanger Tyler Tourtelotte 1 1.48 1.48
7 L/A Junior Bassmasters John Worrey Connor Fairservice Grayson Allumbaugh 1 0.97 0.97
8 L/A Junior Bassmasters / Mainely Bass Sean Behen Dezzmon Clark Cullen Behen 1 0.90 0.90