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FishHunter Fishfinder, Sponsors Androscoggin Bassmasters

Visit the FishHunter Web Site FMI

The Fishunter Fishfinder will be available for you check out at our Opens on Sabattus Pond in July, as well as our Open on Cobbossee Lake in August.

Finally, FishHunter has evolved a fishfinder device so small it floats, so smart it can speak to mobile phones from 30 meters(80 ft) away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 36 meters (120 ft) below the surface. Engineered with military Sonar technology, FishHunter Fishfinder is a powerful downward facing fishfinder transducer combined with a world-class fishing app for Apple and Android phones.

Unlike its bulkier more expensive competitors which need to be installed, FishHunter Fishfinder can be carried in your pocket or tackle box and used anywhere you want to fish – from off the dock, to on the boat, to on the river bank, FishHunter’s portability allows you to fish where and when you want.

Features: Military-grade piezoelectric crystal sonar transducer technology Depth 36 meters/120 feet, with 3 different depth settings, versatile and accurate at finding fish of various water depths Completely portable with no installation required Bluetooth wireless range – 25 meters/80 feet, no cell tower connection required Protective plastic rubber compound coating that floats on the surface and protects against water hazards Accurate fishview mode means that anyone can find fish, no fishfinder knowledge required Environmentally safe, shock resistant and waterproof Portable and suitable for ice fishing, shore fishing, lake fishing, kayak, canoe and off your boat.

Seven Tree Pond Results

Standings l Fantasy Results

1 Jason Kervin 5   4.85 19.36   19.36
2 Ed Lounsbury 5   5.14 18.73   18.73
3 Brenda Swett 5   3.54 16.95 0.25 16.70
4 Keith Poulin 5     13.70   13.70
5 Dave Parsons 5   4.37 13.02   13.02
6 Brady Ouellette 5 1.43 3.88 10.91   10.91
7 Kurt Green 5     10.91   10.91
8 Mike King 5 1.29   10.28   10.28
9 John Volkernick 5   2.54 10.51 0.25 10.26
10 Louis Deering 5     9.45   9.45
11 Bruce Wood 5     8.80   8.80
12 Alex Anton 5 1.38   8.47   8.47
13 Brian Volkernick 5     8.36   8.36
14 Rick Baker 5 1.32   7.90   7.90
15 Mark Swett 4     6.72   6.72
16 Brenden Wood 3     5.09   5.09
17 Marc Charron 1   1.99 1.99   1.99

Panther Pond Results

Standings l Fantasy Results l Ed's 5.35 Lunker Largemouth

1 Keith Poulin 5   3.84 17.33 17.33
2 Nick Deering 5   4.32 16.02 16.02
3 Ed Lounsbury 5   5.35 15.74 15.74
4 John Volkernick 5 2.94 4.12 15.01 15.01
5 Mark Swett 5   4.33 13.41 13.41
6 Jason Kervin 4   3.23 10.04 10.04
7 Brenda Swett 3 2.51 4.44 9.02 9.02
8 Brian Volkernick 4     8.60 8.60
9 Kurt Green 3     7.61 7.61
10 Dave Parsons 3 2.62   7.22 7.22
11 Conner Petropoulos 3   3.09 7.18 7.18
12 Marc Charron 2     5.29 5.29
13 Louis Deering 2     4.64 4.64
14 Alex Anton 1     3.93 3.93
15 Mike King 1 3.61   3.61 3.61
16 Brenden Wood 1   3.15 3.15 3.15
17 Brady Ouellette 1     3.11 3.11
18 Bruce Wood 1   1.98 1.98 1.98

Auburn Lake Clean Up with Pepsi of Auburn.

Pepsi, Bassmasters sponsor 2014 Lake Auburn litter cleanup...1,380lbs of trash! - 2013 Sun Journal Article

Members of Androscoggin Bassmasters were joined by several volunteers from the Pepsi Beverages Company of Auburn at the annual Androscoggin Bassmasters / L/A Junior Bassmasters Auburn Lake Clean-Up that was held on May 3, 2014.

Volunteers walked the shores of the watershed picking up trash that included food bags, rims, bottles, cardboard, and a mattrress! By noon the volunteers had a dump truck full of trash that will not make it's way into Auburn Lake.

The bass club has held this event for well over 20 years now and has removed anywhere from 300 lbs to almost 1660 lbs of trash in 2013, we may have set a record that year!

Androscoggin Bassmasters would like to thank the Pepsi volunteers for their time with the clean up efforts and for the pizza party and ice cream at Tabers afterward.

Thanks to all for a great event!

New Club History Data

Club Tournament History Data

Interested in seeing the complete club tournament history of you or other members past and present? You can sort and filter anyway you like as well as include the complete list or just see what you have done in the tournaments you competed in.

Updated Club Tournament Schedule

2014 Club Tournament Schedule l Maine Bass Tournament List

The lakes have been chosen and the permits will be sent in for all club tournaments and the clubs annual open. Thanks to Bruce, Dave, Jason, Mark, and Brenden for working hard in securing these tournaments at the draw.

Join Now! Androscoggin Bassmasters is....

Join Now!....Androscoggin Bassmasters is looking for a few boaters and possibly a few co-anglers but only if we get a few boaters first.

We fish 6 club events on Saturdays, do a lake clean up in April or May, and have a junior club you could choose to volunteer in. We're a friendly group of anglers that put an emphasis on teaching, sharing, and competive competition with most of the club members fishing the fish off. We have members from many different towns within an hours drive of meeting place in Auburn. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, dues are $80 annually. Members must subscribe to Bassmaster Magazine on their own, Androscoggin Bassmasters will pay your annual dues to B.A.S.S. and the Maine B.A.S.S. Federation Nation once we recieve your full $80 club dues. Contact us FMI

Androscoggin River Video Shoot

Photos l Video

Back in June Bruce & Brenden Wood, and John & Brian Volkernick volunteered their time and boats for a shoot on the Androscoggin River to be used by the Androscoggin Land Trust for promotional purposes. Check out Bruce's Nitro and what's in it......a new way to fish those backwaters Bruce?

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